DCI with Ruby & Rails at LRUG

Data Context Interaction is a recently invented programming paradigm aiming to separate behaviour from your data model. By extracting interactions into roles, they can be played by objects in various contexts.

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Runtime extends with Ruby

Ruby is a dynamic language which supports many ways to organise logic. We can use class inheritance or/and compose our classes by including selected modules (mixins). We can define or un-define methods on the fly. We can even use methods that are not really defined (using method_missing). Using characters in an RPG game as an example, this code walk-through explains a design pattern for extending objects with new methods at run-time.
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3D Buttons with CSS3 gradients and Sass

Visiting various pages on the web, we often see nice buttons looking like they are 3d. In most cases those buttons are being made with image – gradients. CSS3 allows us to create gradients without images, speeding up development and page-loading time. Another important factor is their flexibility to change color and ability to scale with their containers. Trying other colors for image-based buttons means changing colors of corresponding gradient-images, what surely is a time-consuming process.


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